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Import third world people -> become third world country    05/26/18  (91)
Are trumptard whites prepared to pay 2x-3x as much for lettuce?    05/27/18  (67)
Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020    05/27/18  (63)
Met a legit fob Asian psychopath from an app. How to proceed? (pics) (DTP)    05/26/18  (46)
Five Guys is better than Shake Shack    05/27/18  (43)
Hypo: $200k per year which flyover city do you live in    05/27/18  (40)
Why so many white dudes attracted to Asian chicks?    05/27/18  (35)
Does it seem like a new golden age in the MLB?    05/26/18  (33)
Airline hostesses in Asia are beautiful    05/26/18  (32)
ITT: List all media subscriptions you currently have    05/26/18  (31)
WTF is wrong with being racist?    05/26/18  (31)
about to bet 5K on Warriors winning game 6    05/27/18  (29)
Wow! Black Women are so hot (when they look 90% white)!    05/26/18  (26)
Star Wars: Solo already Massive Failure Disney Cuts Box Office Estimate by 30%    05/26/18  (26)
Ireland votes 2-1 to DIE.    05/27/18  (26)
Fuck my ass! Spent $9,582 today.    05/27/18  (25)
Know anyone who spent 30k+ on a wedding then got divorce PWNED a few years later    05/26/18  (25)
imagine XO when all our kids are applying to college    05/26/18  (24)
Big Citymos: Do people actually jog in crowded cities? How is this possible?    05/27/18  (23)
a couple of movies that are actually good that i didnt like at first..    05/26/18  (23)
Best Elon Musk tweet yet?    05/27/18  (22)
Owed a million dollars+ in student loans (WSJ Link)    05/26/18  (22)
Your life sucks if youre not at the BEACH this weekend    05/26/18  (22)
Memorial Day plans thread    05/26/18  (22)
Best part about TMF train trolling is u know it drives MND insane    05/26/18  (22)
History of America is whites being pulled kickin n screamin to a more just world    05/27/18  (20)
Champions league final: 0 goals; 2 "men" crying    05/26/18  (20)
'the man on the street' who is this psychopath?    05/26/18  (19)
The Jew cries out as he strikes you    05/27/18  (19)
MODS: Why was this thread garbaged?    05/26/18  (19)
$till grinding away at sales. lol at spoiled lawyers complaining    05/26/18  (18)
If you have less than 3 kids, its unpatriotic to be against immigrants    05/26/18  (18)
Open invitation for tmf and mnd to have me over for dinner @ their new home.    05/26/18  (18)
how the fuck is survivor still on television    05/27/18  (17)
why are Ribs considered a black food?    05/26/18  (17)
which bright color is the most prestigious for summer shorts?    05/27/18  (16)
Cum on Houston get me that $$$$$$$$    05/26/18  (16)
DTP taking questions from the Underground (5/26/2018)    05/26/18  (16)
XO poster emailing his kid PDF of bedtime story    05/26/18  (15)
if you want to know what has gone haywire in EVERY single white country: women    05/27/18  (15)
whats the deal with tezos?    05/26/18  (14)
Sent an insurance defense attorney 4 emails on an issue yesterday    05/26/18  (14)
Arguably the best video youll see all year (antisemetic Elmo)    05/26/18  (14)
Just bought wasabi doritos    05/27/18  (13)
Guy going to jail for 15 years for giving away free PC restore software    05/27/18  (13)
My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler    05/26/18  (13)
blue smoke comes here for the negativity, is a sad angry person    05/26/18  (13)
How bad did this 34 year old Shrew settle (NY Times)    05/26/18  (13)
UK arrests journalist reporting on Muslim pedo grooming rings, orders blackout    05/26/18  (13)
lol NYT headline: Are We Really Still Calling This Shirt a Wife Beater?    05/26/18  (13)