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Social media is exposing three things about mindless libs    08/21/17  (50)
white people need to make latinos Islamophobic    08/21/17  (26)
why is mexico superior than most eastern european countries    08/21/17  (23)
Hypo: you start as a freshman tomorrow at Arizona State at your current age    08/21/17  (18)
Rate these two cute white girls fighting    08/21/17  (17)
Why do liberals like government to help big corporations?    08/20/17  (15)
Jews deceive goyim into believing Muslims are the real enemy    08/20/17  (10)
POLL: u think Jews are responsible for America's decline    08/20/17  (10)
"I SEE THE PATTERNS, MOM!" shrieked askav staring at a wall of lawman8 posts    08/20/17  (5)
Honda Odyssey >>> any SUV    08/20/17  (5)
Enigma Catalyst ICO hacked because CEO reused Ashley Madison password    08/21/17  (4)
Alt-right community devoted to nude lifting, crypto and abusing tranny LotLizard    08/20/17  (3)
Jews look like reptiles    08/20/17  (3)
Should I order spaghetti bolognese right now?    08/21/17  (2)
A lot of posters here see themselves as Christian Bale in American Psycho but    08/20/17  (2)
Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy/Spain were 180    08/20/17  (2)
What is Eddie Wong's, EVillage peeper, moniker? (link)    08/21/17  (1)
POLL: who would u prefer in ur neighborhood, muslims or latinos (must choose one    08/21/17  (1)