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*sends out bat signal for gaming discord*    12/15/17  (10)
CIRCLEHEAD dweeb fires laid back guido gorilla juicehead    12/15/17  (11)
Would be 180 to train raccoons to shoot guns and kill as hitmen    12/15/17  (3)
Millenials & baby boomers team up to make fun of Gen Xers    12/15/17  (3)
LA Galaxy sign 26 year old Norwegian International Jorgen Skelvik    12/15/17  (2)
NYT: CLS graduates struggle in job market (link)    12/15/17  (60)
Globalist sabotaging Brexit like theyre doing to Trump    12/15/17  (1)
seeing teen girls wear things ironically that girls wore earnestly in ur teens:(    12/15/17  (1)
put them all on the fucking paddy-wagons where they belong    12/15/17  (1)
Big studs will spray again in Margaritaville    12/15/17  (46)
Meghan Markle to Henry: Where Pizza Express At?    12/15/17  (15)
prole face = Irish features, right?    12/15/17  (2)
Could I own a bunch of ravens and train them to steal stuff for me?    12/15/17  (2)
shitirish: explain why you've destroyed this great country    12/15/17  (8)
Prole tell: buying big houses with huge mortgages    12/15/17  (3)
How much would you pay to see live debate of lawman8 vs spaceporn?    12/15/17  (1)
only good part of an irishman runs down his mother's leg    12/15/17  (1)
If we domesticated blacks would they get floppy ears?    12/15/17  (20)
LA Galaxy goalkeeper Brian Rowe buys 1.2 million home on 120k salary    12/15/17  (4)
cannot wait to stretch out in bed & brush up against wife's MEATY PUSSY    12/15/17  (7)
Peercoin bros, come ITT    12/15/17  (7)
(to Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand): CARL SPACKLER - woo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo o    12/15/17  (11)
Dat cryptotwitter sentiment analysis    12/15/17  (1)
One weird trick to shut down lawman8: ask him what tier law school he attended    12/15/17  (64)
Race Deniers MAF (reddit)    12/15/17  (2)
Jews, what is the most exotic loaf of bread you've seen at a wedding?    12/15/17  (2)
RSF handing St. Peter 200k frequent flier miles to get his SVETLANA back    12/15/17  (1)
Hate to bitch, but tax cuts for the wealthy & ending net neutrality are **CORE**    12/15/17  (8)
Your divorce lawyer rubbing his forehead as you explain nigger threads    12/15/17  (18)
RSF taking off his boxers one last time & climbing into the love hotel w svetlan    12/15/17  (1)
any way i can stop being a pussy fag or not?    12/15/17  (1)
This song is 180. (link)    12/15/17  (1)
Lufthansa now weighing passengers. That's great news for RSF's 90lb SVETLANA.    12/15/17  (1)
BOOM=BALD want to meet somewhere so I can beat your ass to a pulp?    12/15/17  (29)
im so high right now im mistakenly bumping all the wrong shit    12/15/17  (4)
RSF drunk pounding on the door to his SVETLANA's room screaming COME BACK    12/15/17  (1)
cannot wait to stretch out in bed & brush up against wife's MEATY PUSSY    12/15/17  (2)
cannot wait to stretch out in bed & brush up against wife's MEATY PUSSY    12/15/17  (2)
ljl at the fraud impersonating me using 9 o's(Boom)    12/15/17  (3)
RSFs Svetlana's bod shaking as RSF powerfully cumblasts its asshole    12/15/17  (3)
"#6" SHSU losing 55-13 to second-best dakota FCS team    12/15/17  (1)
Trump accomplishments: wall, obamacare repeal, tax reform, abortion illegal    12/15/17  (4)
Rate this "failed utopia" as envisioned by Lesswrong rationalist nerds    12/15/17  (20)
When did Eminem because a moral authority?    12/15/17  (2)
ok what is with this transcendental meditation stuff lol    12/15/17  (1)
Copped a Glenlivet 15 from our advertiser! Fuck yeah! Shitlaw Rules!    12/15/17  (4)
Chad is so powerful an entire nation of blacks took his name    12/15/17  (1)
Rate this bizarre gay sex song I started singing this morning    12/15/17  (30)
VERY damaging info re: Roy Moore to drop tomorrow    12/15/17  (89)
prestigefaggot can you do another vocaroo?    12/15/17  (3)
Mercedes NIGGER NAVIGATION directing you to Chrome Rim shops, BLM protest    12/15/17  (1)
A Tax Reform for Growth The GOP bill will spur investment and make the U.S. more    12/15/17  (2)
How is law enforcement able to seize all this anonymous crypto?    12/15/17  (3)
"Granddad, were there really people who didn't buy ETH?" "LOL yes, those faggots    12/15/17  (12)
"No, mom, sucking another man's penis is completely straight.    12/15/17  (3)
My uncle is a cattle rancher and he lurves his job    12/15/17  (1)
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary    12/15/17  (3)
"Quoth the Raven: "Trucker Cock"    12/15/17  (4)
*Jeff Bezos shooting a XRP bomb into the Bitcoin Death Star*    12/15/17  (1)
thinking about moving to are country and starting a goat farm    12/15/17  (3)
this ravendood's voice is almost as deep as mine:    12/15/17  (5)
Reviews are the biggest scam in 2017. Fake Amazon shit. Last jedi at 95%. Everyt    12/15/17  (87)
How do you train homing pigeons?    12/15/17  (3)
*Jeff Bezos offering to pay off ur student loans if he can tittyfuck ur IPA tits    12/15/17  (2)
jcm negging my three inches of hahd chinacock    12/15/17  (5)
"I'll be just like Peterman!" you think as you buy into BTC at $18,000    12/15/17  (10)
Everyone who stepped to Trump lost    12/15/17  (3)
*lawman8 haters getting hater group numbers tattooed on wrists Auschwitz-style*    12/15/17  (10)
CR to open animal rehab center?    12/15/17  (1)
we're all suspects in the mastermind hack of 1 lone Anderson Cooper 5am tweet    12/15/17  (6)
Literally day dreaming about flyover right now    12/15/17  (1)
Charlie and the Butt Fuckin Gay Ass Anal Faggot Factory    12/15/17  (25)
Alt right replacing Red Light/Green Light in school with NIGGER AMBUSH/NIGGER HO    12/15/17  (24)
AUSTRIA joins Poland, Hungary, Czechs in refusing to take migrants    12/15/17  (14)
Who was your favorite NSYNC member?    12/15/17  (11)
coyotes are stealthy& silent-- several are probably outside ur house now    12/15/17  (4)
Why is every photo on Facebook so bland, washed out and badly composed?    12/15/17  (2)
Rate this raven dood on the subway    12/15/17  (1)
Wouldn't it be 180 to be a Tibetan falcon hunter?    12/15/17  (2)
A lot of you are completely dysfunctional    12/15/17  (2)
What is Kallman's disease - anyone know?    12/15/17  (2)
A lot of you are in completely dysfunctional marriages    12/15/17  (7)
Reminder: This tax bill is fucking awesome and the media is lying to you    12/15/17  (82)
cold, runny wolf snout poking and sniffing around your Gf's crotch    12/15/17  (1)
What would wild men think of us, homo domesticus?    12/15/17  (3)
crippling social anxiety builds all day-- have to barricade self alone at nite    12/15/17  (3)
how much did JG Ballard masturbate to Princess Di car crash?    12/15/17  (4)
vape batteries are fucking bullshit fuck you PAX 2    12/15/17  (1)
i wish my wife would come back to me and bring are kid back so badly :((((((((((    12/15/17  (32)
I suddenly remembered my Rohermagne    12/15/17  (3)
guy takes video of JG Ballard's house    12/15/17  (3)
What do you do with "crostini"? seems like a GC scam to sell ppl stale bread    12/15/17  (12)
Better Canadian school: Cornell or McGill?    12/15/17  (1)
pro-Trump theory about DOJ IG.    12/15/17  (1)
Have a head cold. Thanks libs!    12/15/17  (3)
Ann "Shrew" Coulter getting MAF at parentmos getting tax credits    12/15/17  (25)
Any updates on mentally ill SAHM doctor wife with breakdown?    12/15/17  (1)
Weird to think how much power Chinese provincial officials have    12/15/17  (2)
Is doing a PhD really that bad?    12/15/17  (13)
REPORT: marriages spike in 2018 among NYC tax policy autists    12/15/17  (2)
Nutella and her alts walk into 100 post mega thread to "Gucci Gang"    12/15/17  (6)
lmao AJIT PAI is 180, exemplifies the "useful idiot" corporate TURDSKIN 100%    12/15/17  (28)
nutella's husband hitting home run with his cock at work softball game    12/15/17  (30)
My 30s have been way more 180 than my 20s    12/15/17  (4)
cock pic submissions are rolling in this morning. ty boyz <3    12/15/17  (25)
Ljl at xo fetishizing married couples wrt tax policy    12/15/17  (4)
Jack Ma.....Terrible student.....Worth billions. You.....top student.....    12/15/17  (9)
Jack Ma got rejected by KFC    12/15/17  (3)
"YOU'RE SAVING $400, I'M SAVING $400M! EVERYBODY WINS!"    12/15/17  (17)
omg, you are the SWEETEST! I'll let u know how my date goes ;)    12/15/17  (11)
True elite focus more on local city, county government than the middle class doe    12/15/17  (2)
Devastating article about tax bill    12/15/17  (16)
are there any Christmas movies which depict the life of the real St. Nicholas?    12/15/17  (1)
Why do people say women end up looking like their mothers?    12/15/17  (14)
my ribs hurt on top of chest, wtf    12/15/17  (4)
Feels good to delete toxic people from your life    12/15/17  (22)
*takes huge % of income, corporate profits, all goods sold* *needs debt*    12/15/17  (9)
literaly NO OTHER way to create jobs than rube-goldberg supply-side tax maneuver    12/15/17  (6)
Poast your christmas tree ITT    12/15/17  (32)
Forgetfulness is not a sign of dementia    12/15/17  (5)
live poasting! tinneychat    12/15/17  (4)
Failed superteams    12/15/17  (2)
John Cornyn gives the "GO" signal re: firing Mueller.    12/15/17  (14)
Jack Ma AMOGed at Chicago rooftop lounge    12/15/17  (1)
Baby your a rich man, Baby your a rich man, Baby your a rich fag jew.    12/15/17  (1)
The upscale suburbs of Northern NJ are the most cr suburbs in America    12/15/17  (100)
Lemieux vs Saunders. Who you guys got?    12/15/17  (8)
This Mutumbo-looking nigga Embiid doesn't even know how good he is    12/15/17  (2)
lol @ PhDs who do all that work just to hear"so you're not like a *real* doctor"    12/15/17  (3)
kihote, let's go to calishitlawguru's party with our biatches    12/15/17  (2)
Robert Stimmerman - The (Cum) Hurricane    12/15/17  (2)
The only way we can maek it is through crypto    12/15/17  (1)
The Official IFNB Songbook    12/15/17  (241)
Buccigross verbally RAPES espn employee    12/15/17  (6)
Any codemos try Elixir?    12/15/17  (4)
Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I'll sock you in your go    12/15/17  (2)
Embiid will be good with Ernie, Kenny & Chuck when his career ends in 2019    12/15/17  (3)
Guess ethnicities of 5 non-African men who broke the 10 second barrier    12/15/17  (35)
rate this graduation pic of me and my 12 dads    12/15/17  (2)
"Eric Holder, speaking on behalf of America.. *breifacse of KILL WHIEY pops open    12/15/17  (6)
90s high school fashion - slideshow link    12/15/17  (2)
Sales Tax Rate in Orange County = 7.75%; in Los Angeles = 9.5%    12/15/17  (1)
How does the Amazing Race work?    12/15/17  (1)
LUBE UP bearKats, the Bison are brewing up a whipping for u in Fargo    12/15/17  (3)
TANGLED UP IN SPLOOGE - Robert Stimmerman (B. Dylan)    12/15/17  (26)

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