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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
will going in-house solve my woes?    08/14/18  (1)
There are 101 Americans with $1M+ in student loans    08/14/18  (58)
"I've Got A Secret", Feb. 8, 1956, features Last Witness to Abe Lincoln's shooti    08/14/18  (12)
worse Ive felt about myself in years    08/14/18  (9)
Xo is stupid, wants Manafort to be acquitted bc hes on their political team    08/14/18  (21)
It's weird how no one mocks me here despite my life being a joke.    08/14/18  (17)
Asians are cool, Hispanics are meh...fuck blacks though. For real    08/14/18  (3)
New FCC law will prevent blocking video/audio autoplay on websites & apps    08/14/18  (1)
WIll you get stopped at airport security for being hammaered drunk    08/14/18  (16)
Xo poll: gf/wife cooks something she knows you don't like.    08/14/18  (26)
FaceSitting, With Jewish Characteristics. -Title of Boner Police JDate Entry    08/14/18  (3)
instagram/social media has changed the hustle    08/14/18  (3)
crazy how the FBI can't figure out if Michael Cohen traveled to Prague    08/14/18  (1)
What's the backstory on Bob Goodlatte's son who is tweeting against him?    08/14/18  (19)
So Henry Rollins is obviously gay, right?    08/14/18  (2)
Multiculturalism is chemo    08/14/18  (43)
irish girls with pale, bruised thighs and cold sores catcalling assfaggot in dub    08/14/18  (6)
Frog and Toad Met Kino At A House Party But Havent Seen Him In Action    08/14/18  (2)
IFNB Songbook Request: The President's speech from the movie Independence Day.    08/14/18  (1)
Rating poasters as US govt ideas to overthrow Castro    08/14/18  (29)
"Nope, no walls," said the Trumpmos. "But look! We have racist frog cartoons!"    08/14/18  (9)
How do shitlibs not see how absurd the idea that White men are the worst men is?    08/14/18  (1)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    08/14/18  (15)
Henry Rollins gets aggressive with hipsters in music store (video)    08/14/18  (22)
swedish chef attacked by muslims cuz he looks like trump    08/14/18  (36)
We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we clean our rooms!    08/14/18  (1)
GoldenEye 64 - Malmo w/ Grenade Launchers    08/14/18  (10)
22% of WUSTL law school students are on a full tuition scholly    08/14/18  (9)
lol the government is going down in flames in the Manafort trial    08/14/18  (74)
QAnon OUTTED    08/14/18  (2)
Black people are like sentient poop he he    08/14/18  (1)
Rate how badly this guy has been friendzoned (pic    08/14/18  (15)
Cravah - Columbia Offer Dinner recap    08/14/18  (9)
Blog post from crazy uncle makes it to the front page of the NYT    08/14/18  (11)
Zagat reviews of AutoAdmit    08/14/18  (18)
What forms of execution should we try?    08/14/18  (5)
tell me about new jersey suburbs...    08/14/18  (41)
Michael Dickson = literally Orin Incandenza    08/14/18  (5)
Stephen Miller has becum the SHADOW MASTER of the State Dept. (New Yorker)    08/14/18  (89)
Oklahoma tranny tween receiving death threats    08/14/18  (1)
Youre just a jealous RACIST mad that he cant get a Jewish girlfriend.    08/14/18  (10)
Any curmedgeonly 31 year olds poast here?    08/14/18  (3)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    08/14/18  (80)
Just started watching The Affair (Showtime)    08/14/18  (8)
Plz help. Wife wants a weekend getaway for her bday.    08/14/18  (71)
The last dollars falling from ETH price like the Beauty and the Beast rose    08/14/18  (1)
How many people have you made cry throughout your life?    08/14/18  (1)
Jordan Peterson Telling Followers to Clean Rooms on The Day of The Soap    08/14/18  (1)
Nebraska carries out 1st U.S. Fentanyl execution!    08/14/18  (5)
Sent kid to top 5 PRIVATE school for pre-K and K through 6. TAKING Qs.    08/14/18  (17)
Frog and Toad cosign for each other's law school loans.    08/14/18  (3)
Paris installs Pissjugs on the sidewalk to cope with refugees relieving self    08/14/18  (19)
explain how you dont cash out at $1400 ?    08/14/18  (17)
Frog and Toad Fear The Tax Bomb    08/14/18  (1)
Last Chance U a Masterpiece.    08/14/18  (12)
R2-ME2 finally coming forward; C-3P0 won't appear in ep. 9    08/14/18  (3)
Crazy thing is that this killer was supposed to get electric chair long ago    08/14/18  (1)
Omarosa was fired 4 times in 2 years in Clinton administration    08/14/18  (7)
IKEA cafes to go 100% halal; meatballs off the menu    08/14/18  (2)
Thought$ on Nebra$ka strapping this guy to death bed using untested driugs?    08/14/18  (14)
50+ rarely seen photos of America in the 1950s (link)    08/14/18  (2)
monsieur chouchani (link)    08/14/18  (7)
Frog telling Toad to get back in after Toad chickens out.    08/14/18  (3)
day drinking while being unemployed is so one eighty    08/14/18  (4)
The Smashing Pumpkins are playing a 3-hour, 31 song set on this tour.    08/14/18  (11)
Workin' with pa: A POUCH TALE    08/14/18  (95)
Greatest move in NBA history ITT    08/14/18  (3)
come ITT and i'll say something nice about you or your poasting    08/14/18  (179)
So the Nigger Tape real.    08/14/18  (27)
Ivanka publicly criticizes her dad, Millers uncle does same, Goodlattes son do    08/14/18  (2)
Your 6 yo son pulls up your phone, hey this guy has niggerlips if you turn the p    08/14/18  (1)
Manafort attorneys skip defense, go straight to closing arguments (link)    08/14/18  (10)
Lithe, tan, teen bubblegummers making me regret my youth    08/14/18  (2)
Peter Strzok opens a Twitter account, first tweet is him begging for Gofundme $$    08/14/18  (44)
'clean your room' was a metaphor all along for gas chambers    08/14/18  (2)
Fully formed boner police clawing his way out of his 2nd dads boipussy    08/14/18  (2)
Good idea to inform women who approach u that u have autism?    08/14/18  (1)
Apple fraud $tock    08/14/18  (2)
What places are still worth living in America?    08/14/18  (4)
NYT: Charges of Treason as WH Establishes Control Over Executive Branch    08/14/18  (1)
Sweden has fallen    08/14/18  (15)
Apple told 30+ app devs they should move from up front payment to subscription    08/14/18  (5)
Why does xo and the masses claim shit is harder than it is?    08/14/18  (4)
Angelina takes the kids to Whole Foods and xo Daily Mail calls BS!    08/14/18  (4)
$haker Height$, Ohio?    08/14/18  (2)
guy named evan calls obama 'bin laden' on game show (video)    08/14/18  (1)
Historic face transplant gives suicide survivor a 'second chance'    08/14/18  (4)
Shitlib shitrag New York Magazine on the selling block    08/14/18  (2)
Daily Reminder to use the McDonald's app    08/14/18  (11)
Zach De la Rocha looking fucker shouting 'NO BORDERS' in combat boots = America    08/14/18  (5)
Are there ARE COUNTRY rednecks in MARYLAND?    08/14/18  (1)
Pros/Cons to getting sucked in the PRIVATE SCHOOL rat race?    08/14/18  (71)
"I've Got A Secret", Feb. 15, 1956, features xo poster: "I'm gay."    08/14/18  (2)
this is the REAL "hamptons"    08/14/18  (17)
check out these lily-white antifa threatening to 'Do Trump like Gaddafi"    08/14/18  (9)
FB friend got a hysterectomy and is posting about it    08/14/18  (4)
good time for a TRUMP SWEDEN TWEET    08/14/18  (1)
Guess this woman's age. (No Googling.)    08/14/18  (19)
The Night they Drove Ol' Pounders Down (The Band)    08/14/18  (88)
Sweden looks like a warzone    08/14/18  (34)
{\*\*\*\} NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER {/*/*/*/}    08/14/18  (16)
Libs giving disgraced FBI agents hundreds of thousands of $ to own conservatives    08/14/18  (1)
Jewish doctor noting the odd Swastika shaped birth mark on boner polices thigh    08/14/18  (1)
Pumo who's been on poasting hiatus here, back tacking Qs and abuse...    08/14/18  (1)
Baby boner police leaps out of his incubator to attack his Jewish doctor    08/14/18  (2)
Boner polices two dads scissoring in a vat of aborted black fetus blood    08/14/18  (8)
Phone broke, just bought Iphone X. fuck phones are expensive nowadays    08/14/18  (30)
Terrorist attack in London as a Muzzie mows down pedestrians near Parliament    08/14/18  (15)
Pay $15k in points to get interest rate down from 4.5% to 4%?    08/14/18  (18)
Trump attacks Omarosa, not Sarah Jeong    08/14/18  (1)
"Men" like Strzok and Comey are an embarrassment    08/14/18  (1)
Poison-free volcel    08/14/18  (2)
business idea: open a chicken cracklin stand in west LA    08/14/18  (2)
CFPB employees vow to resist, call themselves Dumbledores Army    08/14/18  (43)
subway cars full of haggard white women with apple watches and no rings    08/14/18  (16)
let's practice smiling with our mouths wide open    08/14/18  (1)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    08/14/18  (133)
let's cut to the chase: when & how do we remove all non-europeans from EU/US    08/14/18  (1)
Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Swedens Middle Class (NYT)    08/14/18  (36)
"I've Got A Secret", Feb. 8, 2056, last guy to hodl eth    08/14/18  (1)
NYT 2016: this rash of European terror attacks has seemingly come from nowhere    08/14/18  (223)
I cannot convey in words how life changing quitting xoxohth is.    08/14/18  (7)
NYT 2017: Claims of Muslim violence in Sweden ARE FALSE AND REPREHENSIBLE!    08/14/18  (23)
"I've Got A Secret", Mar 26, 1958, "I am US chess champion"    08/14/18  (2)
Tucker goes off about college.    08/14/18  (73)
NYC subway on weekday mornings = GC's BangBus    08/14/18  (84)
MUSLIM BLOOD DRIVE - Nice, Berlin, coming soon to your town    08/14/18  (23)
Violent street thugs become "anti-hate protestors"    08/14/18  (4)
Bloodacre, what are the latest tactics for Burger King orders?    08/14/18  (1)
On and on, does anybody know what we are poasting for    08/14/18  (2)
lol fagit ass doctors w/out borders trafficking migrants, gets pwned    08/14/18  (8)
Shotkin Zhang & Associates    08/14/18  (4)
New car sales on the rise in Sweden! Refugees DO help the economy    08/14/18  (2)
China dumps 30x the plastic in ocean as the USA. But straw ban will really help!    08/14/18  (15)
Feminist lesbo prof gets MeTood by gay student; xo catnip ITT    08/14/18  (90)
Because of crypto, luis is SELF made and richer than RSF lmao    08/14/18  (119)
USA Today: Trump broke the presidency. We need to abolish the presidency altoget    08/14/18  (4)
LIVE FAST EAT ASS    08/14/18  (1)
"THAT'll teach that fuckin' bitch!"    08/14/18  (1)
In for a terrible day with biglaw shrew boss tomorrow    08/14/18  (14)
I cannot convey in words how life changing quitting biglaw is.    08/14/18  (71)
The F.B.I. Needs to Explain Its Reasons for Firing Peter Strzok    08/14/18  (3)
"From a compliance standpoint" "From a legal standpoint" "From a risk manag    08/14/18  (1)
Rasmussen: Trump approve-disapprove 50-49    08/14/18  (2)
*Vegas slot machine noises play as RSF witnesses 9/11 play out on television*    08/14/18  (1)
*boner police spitting out fat jewess period blood like copenhagen wintergreen*    08/14/18  (5)

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