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STICKY: New account requests   04/24/18  (205)
blasting Kanye jams today    04/26/18  (2)
You can never have too many mimosas: How brunch became the day-wrecking meal t    04/26/18  (7)
***** OFFICIAL 2018 NFL Draft Thread (sponsored by xoxo ballet pumo) *****    04/26/18  (7)
America actually needs a legit public intellectual for incel screeds    04/26/18  (5)
What the fuck does the UK mean Alfie can't leave the country for treatment?!!!!!    04/26/18  (4)
The campaign against incels is yet another attempt to solidify shitliberalism    04/26/18  (8)
i can see it in your eyes. you haven't had a single fucking mimosa.    04/26/18  (3)
Ronan Farrow is objectively the most prestigious XO poster ever    04/26/18  (50)
Look, if you not a Jake Tapper fan I just can't fuckwitchu. #srynotsry    04/26/18  (1)
Chasing pussy on apps is counterintuitive for the insecure male    04/26/18  (5)
Lmao Kanye CUCKING John Legend now.    04/26/18  (1)
Holy shit Kanye is going to redpill the black population lol    04/26/18  (53)
Taking the Plunge into Bigger Things (CSLG)    04/26/18  (90)
Rate this shitlawyer    04/26/18  (29)
Poll: Do roasties need to fucking pay?    04/26/18  (18)
lesbian orgasm tp    04/26/18  (2)
American Ballet Theatre's principal dancer can't do 32 fouettes. LOL    04/26/18  (183)
Is "roasty" set to displace "cunt" as an insult?    04/26/18  (1)
Why hasn't Camden, NJ been gentrified yet?    04/26/18  (48)
Ronan Farrow on Bill Maher this week    04/26/18  (20)
JFC women. east area rapist's victims already sending him love letters in prison    04/26/18  (6)
Can any bort lib defend their hatred of trump?    04/26/18  (29)
When I took AP Spanish, pretty sure I said "fuck" on the recording    04/26/18  (2)
Reading Thunder Collins' threads makes me want to punch him    04/26/18  (17)
going to try pursuing a career in data science. thinking of going to a bootcamp    04/26/18  (12)
Spotify Removes Kanye West Catalog Due to "Alt Right" Remarks (MSNBC)    04/26/18  (2)
ChicagoAdChick ITT taking & giving Qs    04/26/18  (112)
New Yorkers flocking to the American paradise of the Midwest    04/26/18  (15)
How did the Ashkenazi Jews become so successful?    04/26/18  (17)
Halle Barry's new movie Kings is at 8% on Rotten Tomatoes    04/26/18  (2)
How the fuck did the UK go full-on authoritarian so quickly?    04/26/18  (10)
got my 23andme back. mfw I'm Korean & Hmong.    04/26/18  (36)
People who aren't at least bilingual are TTT    04/26/18  (5)
where are the goddamn STRZOK PAGE TREASON TEXTS! they were promised days ago    04/26/18  (1)
AP Calc BC: 5: AP Stats: 5; AP Language: 2    04/26/18  (5)
Why is Shaker Heights a thing, wikipedia says 37 percent black    04/26/18  (9)
*Lawman8 devastates Obeezys hold for 180th time* *Obeezy: uh oh cons!*    04/26/18  (44)
Kelly Ripa: "I want to do a DP"    04/26/18  (17)
"i do corporate actually"    04/26/18  (1)
Immigrant Caravan is super lolzy    04/26/18  (1)
Beltway lawyers sue DC: credentialism for me, but not for thee.    04/26/18  (7)
180 murder-suicide wife murders mistress in dailymail    04/26/18  (31)
fuxk how can I do SCRUM tomorrow, not ready    04/26/18  (27)
CharlesXII dating manager giving update, taking q's (Krampus)    04/26/18  (73)
If you're not a victim of something GTFO of my face.    04/26/18  (4)
What's your favorite restaurant in MFH?    04/26/18  (1)
Daily scrum = me begging for my job    04/26/18  (29)
2 black men 'humiliated' when gym staffers call police    04/26/18  (3)
My most golden of state killers    04/26/18  (2)
Any fellow sportsnuts going to be watching the NFL draft tonight?    04/26/18  (2)
BOOMER REVOLT! boomers are burning and smashing their Yeti coolers    04/26/18  (1)
Too soon to open Sacramento bakery called the Yeast Area Crepeist?    04/26/18  (4)
If I were a billionaire I would pay huge purses to see best boxers fight.    04/26/18  (1)
I haven't "thrown a ball" or jumped in like 5 years. Workout all the time though    04/26/18  (1)
Dr. Rafael Nadal into the Barcelona QF #tennis    04/26/18  (1)
curious who will draft the #1 QB that's right luke falk    04/26/18  (2)
jfc the mainstream media is really going all-in against the incel movement    04/26/18  (21)
UWS parents upset about school diversity push    04/26/18  (241)
Freddie King - Goin Down plays as I roll up to Shitlaw court in croakies n boats    04/26/18  (1)
Is Columbus the new Shaker Heights    04/26/18  (17)
Brutally autistic chads w intense dead eyes mashing HRs in UVA law softball    04/26/18  (3)
Trump orders machine guns to meet caravan at Mexican border (yahoo)    04/26/18  (3)
peru's fraud shamans all said trump would lose    04/26/18  (5)
u: wasting ur $$ on "cryptofraud" me: investing my $$$ in CharlesXII's fuckstick    04/26/18  (1)
shitlaw boss held up giant mirror right as judge read sentence    04/26/18  (115)
Kids picture book of Doobs and Halford recreating classic Craigslist adverts    04/26/18  (1)
iconic iwo jima pic but its truckers plunging dildo in petermans ass at flying j    04/26/18  (10)
crazy how there was a full week of no ballet threads on xo and now this    04/26/18  (7)
Rate my puppydood    04/26/18  (12)
Bros should I cop a RTIC cooler or a YETI cooler? RTIC great reviews, half price    04/26/18  (2)
Paul Rudd shot in head by police    04/26/18  (10)
*Peterman chain smoking in South Pointe Park waving at guys*    04/26/18  (3)
peterman's eyes light up as he pets unicorn (twist: he's in a 7-11 restroom)    04/26/18  (8)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Just Set Record For Most Consec Clay Sets Won #tennis    04/26/18  (12)
Another Gem from Jeff Lenkov (CSLG)    04/26/18  (67)
Big dog interviewer said I was bright enough for corp position    04/26/18  (7)
luis doing shaggy "angel" karaoke in punjabi monotone at a sunnyvale subway    04/26/18  (6)
Kanye West is bboomm    04/26/18  (4)
Kanye Watching Peterson    04/26/18  (2)
The Americans was so fucking good last night    04/26/18  (11)
Remember when World War 3 was about to start a week ago when Trump bombed Syria?    04/26/18  (1)
*Know each other for 1 year* *They are the love of my life*    04/26/18  (3)
TSINAH graduated from an Ivy? 'Cause that's what he's saying.    04/26/18  (53)
Thanks for hopping on, I thought we could just go through my comments one by one    04/26/18  (50)
Counterfactual history: what if Lenin is killed in a car accident in 1916?    04/26/18  (15)
snoop dogg shilling boner pills on Spotify    04/26/18  (2)
zuck wins: fb up 9% today    04/26/18  (2)
RIP my wife's career: 2018-2018    04/26/18  (139)
If you want to lose weight, eat McDonalds    04/26/18  (3)
protip: do a PhD in a field required for expert witnesses    04/26/18  (15)
I'm going to piss on WLMAS's fetal alcohol syndrome tardface.    04/26/18  (10)
jobhack: just be a summer associate 4 ever    04/26/18  (4)
"Bullying" is just nature - pushing the weak out of the herd/flock    04/26/18  (7)
"You're Welcome" (Dwayne Johnsone Moana song) stuck in my head    04/26/18  (27)
Biglaw bio is just the Tech N9ne spoken word intro to MGK "edge of destruction"    04/26/18  (1)
witht he first overall pick, Skadden selects Jay Cohen from HLS    04/26/18  (239)
welp, reading smith/morowitz book. its 180.    04/26/18  (9)
British teen convicted of googling the term "nigger fur," fined 500 pounds    04/26/18  (10)
i have a 140 iq but still can't figure out how urbanbaby forum works    04/26/18  (4)
Is "Tammy" the prolest name for a girl?    04/26/18  (8)
One set of footprints: WLMAS lost his legs from diabetes, you carrying him    04/26/18  (9)
Wlmas your father may not appreciate you but I do    04/26/18  (5)
Luis is hare Krishna CR as fuck?    04/26/18  (1)
One set of footprints: you shot WLMAS and left him there    04/26/18  (12)
Biglaw is an extremely cushy and easy job - 10-6:30pm, great pay, high job secur    04/26/18  (88)
LOL those dumb welfare blacks! *spends $500 on a fucking cooler*    04/26/18  (1)
what dont you guys get? he said pussy.    04/26/18  (1)
TSINAH walks out of the bathroom with Grad Certs stuck to his ass    04/26/18  (2)
Should I never leave my 10-4pm, limited stress, 175K job?    04/26/18  (72)
don't eat pork, cut off your foreskin, corrode society from within    04/26/18  (1)
Rating poasters as phases of Lindsay Lohan's life in pictures    04/26/18  (17)
Good time to buy FB? Seems like ppl are overreacting    04/26/18  (19)
Facebook beats earnings, +4% AH, now 1.45B DAU    04/26/18  (3)
Is a PhD Psychology from an UNRANKED program prestigious?    04/26/18  (1)
My FB feed is blowing up with people blowing up $500 Yeti Coolers    04/26/18  (23)
Wikipedia only lists 28 songs about buttocks. There's more right?    04/26/18  (9)
Thing that has fucked me most in life - short term thinking    04/26/18  (1)
Any black posters left? Just want to be sure you know that you are NOT WELCOME    04/26/18  (21)
remember that marionnette wife on that TV commercial from a couple yrs ago    04/26/18  (5)
If ur not buying TWX ur insane    04/26/18  (96)
I subscribed to lawman8's Patreon and his premium features are utter shit    04/26/18  (4)
*scholarship tp drawing his bow for the first time, your steady hand on his shou    04/26/18  (1)
Lmao Donald sounds deranged and hysterical on fox and friends ljl holy shit    04/26/18  (10)
*releases Rap-Philosophy album, first single "Kant Touch This"*    04/26/18  (7)
Good news: Miami City Ballet is hiring litigators (link)    04/26/18  (3)
If you were Peterman what would you do with your life?    04/26/18  (113)
*Doobs pissing during sex to fake an orgasm*    04/26/18  (29)
Peterman, are u alive or should we fly flag half mast at Flying J    04/26/18  (3)
Chick I know said she only dates guys who make over $100k a yr...    04/26/18  (51)
"heh. heh." heh'd doobs each time he poked u with spear from behind phalanx wall    04/26/18  (21)
So i guess the "principle" behind "Diversity is Strength" cult is    04/26/18  (29)
*Lawman8 going over Kabbalah with magnifying glass, X files theme playing*    04/26/18  (2)
I'm outting myself. I am Alan Dershowitz.    04/26/18  (5)
Kanye wearing a MAGA hat (not flame) (pic)    04/26/18  (64)
Red Sox erase the vicious stain of racism by changing name of Yawkey Way    04/26/18  (1)
kanye really wore a signed MAGA cap? shit i thought i dreamt that    04/26/18  (2)
lmao TSINAH is a My Masters shrew because Chinese blew him the fuck out of grad    04/26/18  (10)
So the only victim of #meToo was Al Franken?    04/26/18  (21)
"I didn't pay you $20 to acknowledge Kant, boy."    04/26/18  (55)
*Lawman reading the Talmud* "ha, I fucking knew it."    04/26/18  (1)
Lawmos - looking for career advice    04/26/18  (8)
Lol at this video of Ezra Klein, Moby, and Joss Whedon CALLING OUT Kanye    04/26/18  (7)
Saltwater croc takes down swimming Boies associate on Bali vacation (vid)    04/26/18  (8)
im making some microwave popcorn right fucking now    04/26/18  (1)
Running list of Obeezys lies/conscientious ignoring of threads    04/26/18  (58)
usa's potus ballerina should be able to do 45 fouettes minimum    04/26/18  (3)
WSJ: Asian basketball leagues institute player height restrictions    04/26/18  (10)
Boart blacks 100% of the time: "Well what about professional sports, huh?"    04/26/18  (9)

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