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Rating u all as random songs pitchfork fawned over about 10 or 15 years ago    11/21/17  (16)
Vox: age of consent needs to be raised to 20s    11/21/17  (101)
Vox article on sexual "assent" shows why publish or perish is a DISASTER for law    11/21/17  (4)
1 inch cock difference is way more than 1 inch.    11/21/17  (9)
a $75,000 yearly income is $53,026 AFTER TAXES in California    11/21/17  (32)
Trudeau to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into Canadian society    11/21/17  (1)
Time Persons of the Year: Sexual Assault/Harassment Survivors (link)    11/21/17  (3)
How secretly prevalent is the desire to GTFO of the sinking ship of America?    11/21/17  (85)
Stephen Hawking using your wife's vag as analogy to explain expanding universe    11/21/17  (3)
ITT: Your top 3 classic rock bands    11/21/17  (13)
the bboooom threads about AoC pussy were fine art    11/21/17  (1)
Why are xo Russian posters so aggressively dumb? (ARE Reptile, tmf, RuskieGirl    11/21/17  (9)
Opening a Shitlaw shop called "AssFaggot & Shitlaw Co., Briefs and Provisions"    11/21/17  (22)
How big is the student loan crisis?    11/21/17  (1)
If you're not biglaw you're shit    11/21/17  (5)
Is sous vide cooking credited or flame? Thinking about getting one today    11/21/17  (76)
Just thought abt 12.6% Social Security + 2.9% Medicare taxes and literally loled    11/21/17  (4)
Should I expect anything out of drinks mtg w/ biglaw practice chair?    11/21/17  (35)
Xo: Age of consent needs to be lowered to 14    11/21/17  (2)
/!\ Malia fucking white chads at Harvard /!\    11/21/17  (107)
without midichlorians, we would have no knowledge of the law    11/21/17  (4)
Adam Jones: "Harvard or Yale or Tufts or one of those schools"    11/21/17  (44)
Vox: NYT reporter made out with chicks in Arlington dive bar, Sexual harrasment!    11/21/17  (64)
The Wing, a Chic Womens Club, Is Going Wide - nyt on MAN FREE ZONE    11/21/17  (5)
Female boss absolutely ripped an HR employee a new one    11/21/17  (8)
RATE My Mom's Unhinged Email To PDDJ Re What To Call Her #Sickly    11/21/17  (86)
RATE Tara Reid looking slim and sexy (xo DailyMail)    11/21/17  (38)
the real Avril Lavigne actually died in 2002, has been replaced by a lookalike    11/21/17  (1)
Investors demand askav's resignation amid girl-touching accusations    11/21/17  (1)
Disability fraud&lies is a plague on this country    11/21/17  (46)
Underrated side of j shads poasting was his sig with best sports teams    11/21/17  (1)
98 degrees had a nerdy weird member they "hid" from the public    11/21/17  (28)
meat and cheese    11/21/17  (2)
All the CVS coupons you never used greeting you in hell    11/21/17  (1)
whats your best all-around college (academics, fun, sports, location)    11/21/17  (111)
I hope 'DTP' steps on lego and dies    11/21/17  (2)
I had no one by my side till a pretty young lot boi hopped up in my ride    11/21/17  (1)
fuck im out of SNUS    11/21/17  (14)
I'm 19th fastest this year going up the willy bridge, fight me    11/21/17  (24)
Pancho Segura, 96, Dies #tennis    11/21/17  (7)
Who is happier? U playing goldeneye in 4th grade sleepover or AZNgirl w handsome    11/21/17  (16)
Is anyone else an hilariously bad fit for their job and stuck in it    11/21/17  (12)
"Is he harassing you?" the white knight texted @ 11pm    11/21/17  (32)
fuck JIRA    11/21/17  (6)
VOX: We need to introduce concept of REVOCABLE ASSENT TO SEX    11/21/17  (8)
someone repost the 29 pic    11/21/17  (20)
Easiest way to get ahead in life: drink lots of ENERGY DRINKS    11/21/17  (6)
i miss playing Halo on my Xbox :(    11/21/17  (1)
Many small tard turdskins. What am I doing here?    11/21/17  (3)
Rate this Blonde London Escort (NSFW)    11/21/17  (1)
Imagine being a white dork. Asian girl approaches YOU.    11/21/17  (22)
DAILY REMINDER: Avoid Working For Women    11/21/17  (1)
assfaggot lifts last pile of briefs on atlas stone stand, svend karlsen taps out    11/21/17  (2)
Many small hard turds. What am I doing wrong?    11/21/17  (4)
*chill gen x boss taking tedcruztp out to lunch for a heart-to-heart*    11/21/17  (6)
cowgod earnestly asking 'why do goatees exist?'    11/21/17  (1)
I lifted nude again. All things grow. All things grow.    11/21/17  (8)
Allllll night. She wants the Hmong America. Hmong American Hmong American She wa    11/21/17  (2)
NYT publishes 2018 sexual harasser predictions    11/21/17  (5)
The sad truth about NEETs is, Trump is the bully who picked on them in HS    11/21/17  (10)
biglaw is a pretty 180 jerb. not sure where the HATE comes from    11/21/17  (17)
brooks & dunn to release farewell album "brooks & dunn here"    11/21/17  (3)
Chris' or Chris's pls halp    11/21/17  (7)
ultimate prole tell: uppercase monikers    11/21/17  (15)
Summon: Colt    11/21/17  (13)
Parole tell: Having to check in with "PO" every day    11/21/17  (4)
Fuck libs & fuck the NFL    11/21/17  (1)
UPDATE on my imminent breakfast    11/21/17  (53)
Rofl TSINAH failed the NY Bar Exam    11/21/17  (8)
Prole tell: Having a favorite local diner and ordering the "usual"    11/21/17  (196)
peak espn: sumo wrestling, world's strongest man on when u got home from school    11/21/17  (8)
Cute Mormon child bikes off of cliff while parents watch (liveleak)    11/21/17  (13)
Good morning XO! How many celebs the tribunal expose as harrasers today?    11/21/17  (1)
Flame aside, is t14 law school worth it for the average polisci shithead?    11/21/17  (75)
Have started yelling "FUCK LIBS" & hang up when telemarketer calls    11/21/17  (8)
1 cool thing about doing biglaw Lit is they give u dogtags    11/21/17  (2)
don't wagecucks realize they're digging a hole for themselves?    11/21/17  (17)
My Mom Can't Help But Send Bossy Control-Freak Emails To PDDJ & I    11/21/17  (26)
Lou Barlow showing up at your biglaw office and calling u a fag    11/21/17  (3)
Must breed *breathes heavily* *leers*    11/21/17  (8)
DVP and colt tp are much more alike than they are different (DTP)    11/21/17  (10)
Happy Hell Week new Kirkland associates!!!!    11/21/17  (6)
(Spoilers) In the end, Doobs is married, Peterman rich, TBF in Peppa vid on H    11/21/17  (4)
Just realized that the cadence of BLMs spider, porpoise & napkins poasts = same    11/21/17  (2)
is EJMR a good place to poast    11/21/17  (27)
ur anus, pulsating    11/21/17  (3)
US Devolping New Stealth Bomber. Why?    11/21/17  (48)
CharlesXII, rating poasters as stupid aspects of the Star Wars Expanded Universe    11/21/17  (249)
cat is a legit gateway pet    11/21/17  (1)
Taylor Swift poster on your wall whispers," I got you dawg, I promise"    11/21/17  (1)
Natalie Portman: I Got Raeped On Everything I Ever Worked On    11/21/17  (24)
Sometimes I fantasize about being an Asian woman.    11/21/17  (6)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy.mp3    11/21/17  (2)
Sexual harassment response shows that RETRIBUTIVE PUNISHMENT is back!    11/21/17  (1)
whokebe, mr. jinx hasn't posted or lurked on Xo since 2006    11/21/17  (4)
SHOCK reveal - Louis CK went to Halloween as "Dracula who MUST show his penis"    11/21/17  (1)
With the second overall pick, Philadelphia selects Ryan Le.. err... Carson Wentz    11/21/17  (10)
GOOD MORNING FUCKERS    11/21/17  (2)
Carson Wentz will be one of the GOATs. Book it.    11/21/17  (2)
a melvin among chads    11/21/17  (1)
nfl is retarded carson wentz is not better than nick foles    11/21/17  (6)
Ragnus here giving questions and taking words of encouragement and compassion    11/21/17  (37)
listened to blurred lines 4 times today. ty xoxo!    11/21/17  (2)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/21/17  (44)
Remember when Carson Wentz was the next Tom Brady/Big Ben?    11/21/17  (12)
Ho lee fuk: Yngwie and Vai duel over backing track of Power Rangers theme (video    11/21/17  (9)
Does Mr. Jinx have a throwaway email    11/21/17  (4)
Carson Wentz is another JaMarcus Russell    11/21/17  (13)
Carson Wentz is shit.    11/21/17  (13)
magnus magnusson | magnus samuelsson | svend karlsen    11/21/17  (4)
Wild turkeys thriving in the Bay Area suburbs, pooping everywhere and scratching    11/21/17  (5)
What happened to 29tp? Did I legit retire her?    11/21/17  (22)
Hey libs, isn't it true you're peepee and doodoo? HMMM, LIBS?    11/21/17  (83)
Bros, should I buy a brand new Armalite AR-10a for $870    11/21/17  (3)
Wtf found an old apple under my couch had genital warts all over it    11/21/17  (1)
Capt planet kids: "EARTH!" "WIND!" "WATER!" "GENITAL WARTS!"    11/21/17  (7)
"Depressed, autistic and gay is no way to go thru life, son"    11/21/17  (15)
The Legend of Johnny Applecider    11/21/17  (1)
Not flame woke up today at 4:30 thinking about how I've been wronged    11/21/17  (2)
The butt grabbing scandals shit has got to stop    11/21/17  (7)
Fact 1: apple cider vinegar can remove warts. Fact 2: fruit flies love apple cid    11/21/17  (1)
*scans Apple cider vinegar at Walgreens**self checkout machine sighs*    11/21/17  (1)
If I ask to sit next to cute girl in church will I be excommunicated?    11/21/17  (10)
John Lennon wrote the song "beautiful boy" in anticipation of my birth.    11/21/17  (8)
*sees vagina for the first time*    11/21/17  (1)
If you like PENIS COLOSSAL, and bulking hard for some gains    11/21/17  (15)
the plane that roy halladay was flying seems pretty sweet    11/21/17  (1)
ETH SPIKE ETH ETH ETH ETH ETH 45 45 45 45 45 45 454 54 5 454545454    11/21/17  (19)
My dad's still fighting with his girlfriend about his flirting with the girls at    11/21/17  (2)
When u don't bump 180 sexualization bc ur a catty and jealous fsggot    11/21/17  (1)
"I'm actually p big nigger threaded" Vishnu: "sounds like u'd make a great crimi    11/21/17  (2)
Teaching my foreign gf about baseball. Showed her Mcguire sosa race 1800000    11/21/17  (4)
*giggling stops* *luis removes my hand from his ass & sighs* "I'm on my period b    11/21/17  (3)
Rate these Ukrainian women lining up for XO poasters at dating event (link)    11/21/17  (45)
How often do you bros get GWs? I get them about twice per year    11/21/17  (4)
Pretty 180 how nerd incel gamers are standing up to GC    11/21/17  (4)
Just jerked off my bro assfaggot. Felt like I was reading fucking Braille.    11/21/17  (3)
Colt pouring soy sauce on his molluscum    11/21/17  (2)
Utterly deranged faggot I am extremely mentally ill    11/21/17  (1)
Me: I love you. Assfaggot: I know *genital wart gets frozen in Carbonite*    11/21/17  (3)
U.S. cities with surprisingly large skylines?    11/21/17  (79)
*shoots assfaggots dick with Apple cider vinegar super soaker *    11/21/17  (1)
More is more, u fucking loser    11/21/17  (1)
*cracks open oyster with knife* *pearly penile papules fall out *    11/21/17  (2)
Think of your best memory. Did you notice the pearly penile papules?    11/21/17  (2)

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